Vote Progressive in California, Nov 8th

We will leave these 2022 recommendations up, but will revised them before the next election.

As a long time LGBTQ Rights Advocate, I, Jack Castiglione ( and my fellow Democrat committee recommend the following individuals for office because they support LGBTQ rights. Vote on Nov 8, 2022:

California State Supreme Court
Patricia Guerrero – Yes
Goodwin Liu – Yes
Martin J. Jenkins -Yes
Joshua P. Groban – Yes

Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal
2nd District Div 1 Frances Rothchild – Yes
2nd District Div 5 Laurence D. Rubin – Yes
2nd District Div 8 Maria E. Stratton – Yes

Associate justice, Court of Appeal
2nd District, Div 2 Judith M Ashmann – No
2nd District, Div 3 Luis A Lavin – Yes
2nd District, Div 4 Audrey B. Collins – Yes
2nd District, Div 4 Brian S. Curry – Yes
2nd District, Div 5 Lamar W. Baker – Yes
2nd District, Div 6 Hernaldo J. Baltodano – Yes
2nd District, Div 7 John L. Segal – Yes
2nd District, Div 8 John Shepard Wiley – Yes
2nd District, Div 8 Elizabeth Annette Grimes – No

Judge of the Superior Court
Office No. 60 Abby Baron
Office No. 67 Elizabeth Lashley-Hayes
Office No. 70 Holly Hancock
Office No. 90 Melissa Lyons
Office No. 118 Melissa Hammond
Office No. 151 Patrick Hare

California Propositions:

Prop 1  Yes

Prop 26  No

Prop 27  No

Prop 28  Yes

Prop 29  No

Prop 30  No

Prop 31  Yes

  • US Senate Alex Padilla
  • Governor Gavin Newsom
  • Lt. Governor Eleni Kounalakis
  • Secretary of State Dr. Shirley Weber
  • Attorney General Rob Bonta
  • Treasurer Fiona Ma
  • Controller Malia Cohen
  • Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara
  • CA Superintendent of Public Instruction – Tony Thurmond
  • Board of Equalization Antonio Vazquez
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond
  • California’s 26th Congressional District Julia Brownley
  • California’s 27th Congressional District Christy Smith
  • California’s 28th Congressional District Judy Chu
  • California’s 29th Congressional District Tony Cardenas
  • California’s 30th Congressional District Adam Schiff
  • California’s 31st Congressional District Grace Napolitano
  • California’s 32nd Congressional District Brad Sherman
  • California’s 34th Congressional District Jimmy Gomez
  • California’s 35th Congressional District Norma Torres
  • California’s 36th Congressional District Ted Lieu
  • California’s 37th Congressional District Sydney Kamlager
  • California’s 38th Congressional District Linda Sánchez
  • California’s 42nd Congressional District Robert Garcia
  • California’s 43rd Congressional District Maxine Waters
  • California’s 44th Congressional District Nanette Barragán
  • California’s 45th Congressional District Jay Chen
  • California’s 20th Senate District Daniel Hertzberg
  • California’s 22nd Senate District Susan Rubio
  • California’s 24th Senate District Ben Allen
  • California’s 26th Senate District Maria Elena Durazo
  • California’s 28th Senate District Lola Smallwood-Cuevas
  • California’s 30th Senate District Bob Archuleta
  • California’s 39th Assembly District  Juan Carrillo
  • California’s 40th Assembly District Pilar Schiavo
  • California’s 41st Assembly District Chris Holden
  • California’s 42nd Assembly District Jacqui Irwin
  • California’s 43rd Assembly District Luz Rivas
  • California’s 44th Assembly District Laura Friedman
  • California’s 46th Assembly District Jesse Gabriel
  • California’s 48th Assembly District Blanca Rubio
  • California’s 49th Assembly District Mike Fong
  • California’s 51st Assembly District Rick Chavez Zbur
  • California’s 52nd Assembly District Wendy Carrillo
  • California’s 53rd Assembly District Freddie Rodriguez
  • California’s 54th Assembly District Miguel Santiago
  • California’s 55th Assembly District Isaac Bryan
  • California’s 56th Assembly District Lisa Calderon
  • California’s 57th Assembly District Reggie Jones-Sawyer
  • California’s 61st Assembly District Robert Pullen-Miles
  • California’s 69th Assembly District Josh Lowenthal
  • California’s 62nd Assembly District Anthony Rendon
  • California’s 64th Assembly District Blanca Pacheco
  • California’s 65th Assembly District Mike Gipson
  • California’s 67th Assembly District Sharon Quirk-Silva
  • California’s 66th Assembly District Al Muratsuchi